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Traditional Thai Massage

Sacred Bodywork

August 12 - 17, 2018

Sunday - Friday, 5 nights

$430 Tuition

Plus 5 nights all-inclusive accommodations priced separately

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Program Description

Thai massage is a profound and delightful mind-body experience.

The ancient healing art is rooted in the Theravada Buddhist monasteries of Thailand and based on the energetic paradigm of human existence. Giving and receiving the bodywork represents the physical application of the Four Divine States of Mind—loving kindness, compassion, mental equanimity, and vicarious joy.

Join Richard Gold, PhD, LAc, in this immersive workshop combining elements of acupressure, deep compression, assisted stretching, yoga, and mindfulness. This Northern Chiang Mai style is practiced very slowly with an emphasis on acute moment-to-moment awareness. In a supportive and structured environment, you will learn both the cultural history and proper methods to:

  • Understand the theories of Sen energy pathways and the three doshas.
  • Work with recipients in four positions: supine, prone, seated, and lateral recumbent
  • Engage proper body mechanics and the eight working postures as a practitioner
  • Utilize elbows, forearms, feet, knees, hands, and the entire body
  • Perform deep abdominal techniques

Whether you are an experienced bodyworker or a complete beginner, this course will teach you the skill set necessary to provide a flowing, full-body Thai massage session for two hours or more.

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  • Faculty Bio
    Richard Gold, PhD, LAc

    Teacher of East Asian medicine, author

    Richard Gold has devoted his entire professional career to the study, practice, teaching, and research of traditional East Asian medicine, including Thai medicine, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and Shiatsu.

    After his 1978 graduation from the New England School of Acupuncture, Richard traveled to China, Japan, and Thailand to advance his studies. In 1989, he graduated from his study of traditional Thai massage at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Upon returning to California, Richard was instrumental in introducing this profound bodywork to an American audience. His book Thai Massage: A Traditional Medical Technique, first published in 1998 and now in a second edition and three languages, was the first English book in the professional field of Thai massage.

    Richard is a founder and former faculty and board member of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with accredited campuses in San Diego, Chicago, and New York City.

    Most recently studying the intersection of sound healing and neuroscience, Richard founded Metta Mindfulness Music, a music production company that records and publishes original music designed to support healing and meditation.

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  • Why Attend
    • Expand your expertise in bodywork and energetic healing methodologies as a professional.

    • Deepen your practice of mindfulness and awareness in physical service to others.

    • Go beyond mental Buddhist practices to be able to utilize an applicable, physically healing expertise in daily life with friends and loved ones.<br />

  • Things to Know/Schedule


    Below is your daily schedule for your stay during your program. You will always be able to attend the meals and activities shown between your program sessions. You will also have opportunities to experience Healing Arts, walking trails, and many other campus amenities throughout your stay. To schedule a treatment at Healing Arts call 844-544-1440, ext. 304 or email [email protected] here to view our current menu:

    Opening Day
    2:15 pm
    Check-in begins; rooms are ready by 4:00 pm
    Luggage storage is available
    4:45 – 5:45 pm Supplementary Classes: Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, or Meditation
    5:30 – 7:00 pm Dinner at Kitchen Table
    6:45 – 7:15 pm 1440 Guest Welcome Session (optional)
    7:30 – 9:00 pm Program Session
    6:30 – 7:45 am Supplementary Classes: Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, or Meditation 7:00 – 8:30 am
    7:00 – 9 am Breakfast at Kitchen Table
    Breakfast at Kitchen
    9am – 11:30am Morning Program Session
    11:30 – 1:30 pm Lunch at Kitchen
    2pm – 4:00 pm Afternoon Program Session
    4:15 – 5:45 pm Supplementary Classes: Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, or Meditation
    5:30 – 7:00 pm Dinner at Kitchen Table
    7:30 – 9:00 pm Optional Events

    Closing Day
    6:30am – 7:45 am Supplementary Classes: Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, or Meditation
    7:00am – 9 am Breakfast at Kitchen Table
    9am – 11:30am Morning Program Session
    12:00pm NOON Checkout Time
    11:30am – 1:30 pm Lunch at Kitchen Table-
    Departure day lunch is included in your stay.

    Special Note

    Wear loose fitting clothing. Course requires being comfortable working on a floor mat in a kneeling position. No oils or lubricants are utilized.

  • About 1440 Multiversity

    Beautifully nestled in the California redwoods near Santa Cruz, our 75-acre campus is within easy reach of San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

    1440 Multiversity is a place to spend time engaging some of life’s most meaningful personal questions and to enjoy, restore, and reenergize yourself as you do it.

    You’ll find new energy through immersion learning—setting aside daily urgencies and dedicating uninterrupted time to focus on important, but often elusive, priorities. Our unique collaboration with world-class faculty coupled with an original, inspirational curriculum and magnificent grounds make this a place like no other. Add in fresh, redwood-scented air, delicious and healthy food, deep reflection, fun exercise, and good sleep and you’ve pretty much captured what you’ll experience here.

  • Accommodations

    At 1440 Multiversity, you’ll find a wide range of accommodations to meet your preferences and budget. All of our rooms have been thoughtfully designed to provide comfort, promote reflection, and foster connection with others.

    Accommodation rates include more than just the bed you sleep in.

    Per-person per-night rates include:

    • nourishing locally sourced, seasonal meals
    • daily meditation and yoga classes
    • non-ticketed evening events
    • use of all facilities, including the Fitness Center, steam rooms, and infinity-edge hot tub.

    Guests also enjoy access to woodland trails, cafés, and shops.

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