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Cultivating Leadership Presence through Mindfulness®

An Immersion Training Retreat <br>25 CE Credits

September 20 - 24, 2017

Wednesday - Sunday, 4 nights

$1255 Tuition

Plus 4 nights all-inclusive accommodations priced separately

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Program Description

25 CE Credits

Mindfulness has quickly become the most sought-after practice in leadership development as studies reveal it enhances productivity, creativity, focus, and sustainability.

This week, through the Institute for Mindful Leadership’s 5-day residential retreat, organizational leaders will engage in an immersive mindful leadership training designed specifically to support leadership excellence for the 21st century.

This program has been delivered to professionals throughout the world for more than a decade and is an intensive exploration of contemplative practices and their direct relationship to successful leadership. In small-group settings, you will be guided through a series of systematic mindful leadership practices (for example, leading mindful meetings and leading by inspiration), leadership excellence reflections, and everyday applications.

As you master valuable tools, you will learn:

  • Engage the innate capacities of the mind to strengthen and enhance traditional business and leadership expertise
  • Develop creative business solutions in situations with adversity and ambiguity
  • Develop a working knowledge of mindful leadership practices to cultivate mental and physical resilience

Initiate change toward positive outcomes by gaining access to intuition and connecting fully with others

You will leave with the foundational knowledge and experience to thrive as a more mindful leader. Prepare to be surprised at the success with which you are able to embody the best in leadership, inspire others, and have a potent impact through your capacity for mindfulness.

Wednesday, September 20: 6 PM – 9 PM

Thursday, September 21: 9 AM – 9 PM

Friday, September 22: 7:15 AM – 9 PM

Saturday, September 23: 7:15 AM – 9:30 PM

Sunday, September 24: 7:15 AM – 11:00 AM

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  • Faculty Bio
    Janice Marturano

    Mindful leadership expert

    Janice Marturano is the founder and executive director of the Institute for Mindful Leadership, a nonprofit organization dedicated to training and supporting leaders in the exploration of mindfulness and the fundamentals of leadership excellence.

    She founded the institute in 2011 following her 15-year tenure as strategic leader and deputy general counsel for General Mills, Inc. She also codeveloped the very first mindful leadership curricula at the University of Massachusetts Medical School‰’s Center for Mindfulness, where she served on the advisory board.

    As a certified teacher of mindfulness and an experienced former officer of a Fortune 200 company, she has brought the intensive training of mindful leadership to corporate, nonprofit, academic, government, and military organizations, including General Mills, P&G, Amazon, Red Cross, United Way, and the Nature Conservancy.

    In 2013 and 2014, she was invited to speak on the importance of mindful leadership at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland and China. Her work has been featured on the BBC, HuffPost Live, and in the New York Times, Financial Times, Saturday Evening Post, Time magazine, and the Los Angeles Times. She is author of Finding the Space to Lead: A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership.

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    Dawn MacDonald, MSW

    Dawn MacDonald, MSW is a Senior Instructor with the Institute for Mindful Leadership. She has led workshops with a number of clients including the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba, Ionia County Community Mental Health Authority and Genentech. She has been a close associate of Janice Marturano and the Institute for 5 years.

    Dawn MacDonald is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba (CHCM) and has co-founded the Compassion Project, an organizational change and development process co-creating the conditions for compassion to flourish within Health and Human Services. For 20 years, she journeyed with adults and adolescents struggling with mental health issues in acute inpatient settings. Dawn is a Certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (UCSD) teacher and has completed all of the professional trainings at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. She is a Stanford University Medical School Certified Compassion Cultivation Training Teacher, and is also a Certified Teacher for the Center for Mindful Self Compassion. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, affectionately known as the Heart of the Continent.

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  • Why Attend
    • Take a quantum leap in your leadership capacities through proven mindfulness skills that create thriving in the workplace—for yourself and for those you lead.

    • Overcome the pressures of our fast-paced environments by learning how to be exceptionally productive and focused while remaining positive, present, and at ease.

    • Sharpen your skills for observing without reacting so you can clearly notice areas for improvement and address them with an open and creative mind.

  • Things to Know/Schedule

    Program Schedule

    Program Schedule

    Wednesday, September 20

    6:00 PM – 8:00 PM:  Welcome Dinner; Group Discussion: Reflection: What Guides Your Leadership?

    8:00 PM – 9:00 PM:  Review Retreat Objectives; Participants respond to ‘What brings me here?’ Defining Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership; Meditation – Connecting with the Breath; Using meditation to help with sleep disturbances

    Thursday, September 21

    9 AM – 12 PM:  The relationship between Mindful Leadership training and Excellence; Meditation; Developing Our Ability to Focus; Breakout Discussions – Developing Focus – Introduction to using a Purposeful Pause

    12 PM – 2:30 PM: Lunch and Open Space

    2:30 PM – 5:00 PM: Mindful Movement-bringing awareness to each moment, Meditation using the sensations of the body; Mindful Communications-

    Being Present: Listening with Intent

    5:00 PM – 6:00 PM:  Open Space

    6:00 PM – 7:30 PM:  Dinner

    7:30 PM – 9:00 PM:  Discussion and Breakouts: Pleasant/Unpleasant Labels: The Impact of Perceptions on our Leadership; Reflection on ‘letting go’ of our biases/conditioning; Restorative Yoga

    Friday, September 22

    7:15 AM – 9:00 AM:  Creating Space: Silent Meditation/ Mindful Eating- Being Present with Yourself

    9:00 AM – 12:00 PM:  Discussion and Breakouts:  Focus and Clarity:  what influences our ability to focus? Be clear?  Calendar exercises-am I attending to what is important?

    1:00 PM -2:30 PM:  Lunch/Open Space

    2:30 PM – 5:00 PM: Meditation with our thoughts and emotions; Our Leadership Principles; Reflection, Monologue and discussion; introduction to upcoming Silent period

    5:00 PM– 7:15 PM: Dinner and Open Space

    7:15 PM – 9:00 PM:  Questions/discussion; guidelines for silence; restorative yoga

    Saturday, September 23

    7:15 AM – 8:00 AM:  Meditation and Reflection- Finding the space to lead

    8:00 AM: – 9:00 AM:  Breakfast

    9:00 AM: – 12:00 PM:  Sitting, walking and Landscape Meditation Practice – Focus and clarity through observation

    12:00 PM: – 2:30 PM: Free time

    2:30 PM – 3:30 PM:  Yoga and Meditation (Gratitude); Reflections: Leadership Today- Leading with clarity, focus, creativity, compassion

    3:30 PM– 5:00 PM: Discussion: What did we learn from the silence? How might we incorporate this into our ongoing exploration of Mindful Leadership

    5:00 PM – 7:30 PM: Dinner and open space

    7:30 PM – 9:30 PM: Reflection: What have we learned? What will we take back with us?

    Sunday, September 24

    7:15 AM – 8:00 AM: Meditation

    8:00 AM – 9:00 AM: Breakfast

    9:00 AM – 11:00 AM:  Mindful Meetings; Integrating the practice into our work/calendar; Goal Setting; Review of Resources and Handouts to support ongoing learning; final thoughts.



    None required.

    Experience Level

    None required.

    CEs Available

    CEs Available

    This course has been approved for 25 CE hours for qualified participants. To learn how and where to apply, click HERE.

    Cancellations and Refunds

    If You Cancel

    • If you cancel 14 or more days prior to your arrival date, payments made will be refunded in full (less a $50 processing fee).
    • If you cancel between 13 days and 1 day prior to your arrival date, a nonrefundable credit (less a $50 processing fee) will be held for one year from the date of issue.
    • No credit or refund is available if you cancel on your arrival day, if you do not show up, or if you leave a program or event early.
    • No refund will be available if you attend a program and are dissatisfied with its presentation or content.

      If 1440 Multiversity Cancels

      On rare occasions, due to unforeseen circumstances, 1440 Multiversity may need to cancel a program. Should this circumstance arise, you will receive a full refund.


      For questions or concerns, please email [email protected], Programming Department.



  • About 1440 Multiversity

    Beautifully nestled in the California redwoods near Santa Cruz, our 75-acre campus is within easy reach of San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

    1440 Multiversity is a place to spend time engaging some of life's most meaningful personal questions and to enjoy, restore, and reenergize yourself as you do it.

    You'll find new energy through immersion learning—setting aside daily urgencies and dedicating uninterrupted time to focus on important, but often elusive, priorities. Our unique collaboration with world-class faculty coupled with an original, inspirational curriculum and magnificent grounds make this a place like no other. Add in fresh, redwood-scented air, delicious and healthy food, deep reflection, fun exercise, and good sleep and you've pretty much captured what you'll experience here.

  • Accommodations

    At 1440 Multiversity, you’ll find a wide range of accommodations to meet your preferences and budget. All of our rooms have been thoughtfully designed to provide comfort, promote reflection, and foster connection with others.

    Accommodation rates include more than just the bed you sleep in.

    Per-person per-night rates include:

    • nourishing locally sourced, seasonal meals
    • daily meditation and yoga classes
    • non-ticketed evening events
    • use of all facilities, including the Fitness Center, steam rooms, and infinity-edge hot tub.

    Guests also enjoy access to woodland trails, cafés, and shops.

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