Rick Roberts|Maria Thomas|Molly Hollibaugh|Martha Huggins: The Zentangle® Method at 1440 Multiversity

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The Zentangle® Method

Beyond the Basics

September 22 - 25, 2019

Sunday - Wednesday, 3 nights

All-inclusive program package to include:

<ul> <li>Tuition</li> <li>Three Meals in Kitchen Table (daily)</li> <li>Shared or Private Accommodations</li> <li>Signature classes and wellness offerings</li> </ul> <p>Please Note: All packages are priced per person. Should you elect a shared accommodation and community hall bath, 1440 will randomly pair you with a gender-specific roommate. Only private rooms have the option of a private bath.  1440 Multiversity is a smoke-free campus.</p>

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Program Description

Take your Zentangle practice a step further in this beyond-the-basics Zentangle workshop with the Zentangle founding family, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  

This 3-day workshop will guide you to take a closer look at the magic behind their one-stroke-at-a-time approach to pattern drawing. 

 Untangle your way to finding the answer to the question, “What makes a tangle?” From the chaos of organic tangles to the order of grid-based tangles, you will deepen your understanding of the method and sharpen your tangling skills, playing with new tangles and tangleations.  

In a creative, supportive environment, you will dive deeper into the eight basic steps of the Zentangle Method and explore: 

  • How the integral step of the pencil string provides support, direction, and structure
  • Seeing the string as a suggestion, not a demand, and the metaphorical role it can play in your life
  • Ways to allow yourself to draw outside the lines
  • How the elegance of limits can be a breeding ground for creativity
  • Specific tangle categories and techniques, and perspectives that break down the visually complex into basic steps.
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  • Faculty Bio
    Rick Roberts

    Meditation expert, cofounder of Zentangle

    Rick Roberts is cofounder of Zentangle and co-developer of the Zentangle Method. His former vocations include cab driver, musician, photographer, printer, and flute maker. He also lived as a monk for 17 years.

    He founded Zentangle with Maria Thomas based on her explanation of her experience as she drew background patterns on a manuscript. She described feelings of timelessness, freedom, well-being, and complete focus on what she was doing with no thought or worry about anything else. After Rick told her she was describing meditation, together they wondered if they could create a simple system so others might enjoy a similar experience. And so began the journey towards discovering the elegant system called the Zentangle Method.

    Together Rick and Maria lead workshops, and through their Zentangle certification program they share the philosophies behind the Zentangle Method of drawing so students will have all the knowledge needed to teach the Zentangle Method.


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    Maria Thomas

    Innovative artist, cofounder of Zentangle

    Maria Thomas is cofounder of Zentangle and co-developer of the Zentangle Method. Prior to Zentangle, she worked as a lettering artist and operated a stationery design and production company.

    Maria first became a working artist at age five when she produced a line of painted rocks that quickly sold out at local bazaars. From rocks, to lettering, to botanical paintings, to Zentangles—all have merged into her unique trendsetting sense of style.

    The recipient of countless accolades and awards, Maria changed the look of traditional invitations with her hand-painted flowers, expressive lettering, and dramatic flourishing, all now familiar standards.

    Inspired by the feelings of timelessness, freedom, well-being, and complete focus she experienced while drawing background patterns on a manuscript, she and Rick (cocreator of Zentangle) wondered if they could create a simple system so others might enjoy a similar experience. And so began the journey towards discovering the simple and elegant system called the Zentangle Method.

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    Molly Hollibaugh

    Molly Hollibaugh has been an artist ever since she can remember and sees herself as a natural creative soul. She studied art and design in college and went on to work in both furniture and jewelry design.

    She was introduced to Zentangle, in its infancy, by her parents, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the founders of this amazing creative outlet.

    Molly became fascinated with the impact this art form had on people and began studying and pursuing an intense practice of the Zentangle method. Inspired by how it affected her own self-discovery and artistic approach, Molly loves guiding others through their Zentangle journey and inspiring them to discover their own creative souls.

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    Martha Huggins

    Zentangle Creative

    Martha Huggins uses Zentangle to bring focus to life metaphors, and taps into her yoga experience to guide students through their own natural process of finding their creative side.

    Martha spent 10 years assisting her parents, Zentangle founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, and making her own spiritual and creative discoveries on her Zentangle journey.

    Now she is teaming up with her sister, Molly Hollibaugh, to bring a next-generation approach to this beautiful art form.

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  • Why Attend
    • Build upon a solid grounding in the history, philosophy, theory, basic tools, and techniques of the Zentangle Method.

    • Explore the deeper dimensions of the Zentangle practice, and its potential applications for your personal growth.

    • Refine your techniques and discover how creating with Zentangle brings calm and focus and calls forth your hidden talents.

  • Things to Know/Schedule

    Program Schedule

    Opening Day

    2:15 pm
    Check-in begins; rooms are ready by 4:00 pm
    Luggage storage is available

    5:00 — 6:15 pm Embodied Movement or Meditation Class

    5:30pm — 7:30 pm Dinner at Kitchen Table

    7:00 — 8:30 pm Program Session


    Daily Schedule

    7:00 am — 8:00 am Embodied Movement or Meditation Class

    7:00 am — 9:00 am Breakfast at Kitchen Table

    8:30 am — 11:30 am Morning Program Session

    12:00 pm — 2:00 pm Lunch at Kitchen Table

    1:00 pm — 1:45 pm Outdoor Experience

    1:45 pm — 4:45 pm Afternoon Program Session

    5:00 pm — 6:15 pm Embodied Movement or Meditation Class

    5:30 pm — 7:30 pm Dinner at Kitchen Table

    7:30 pm — 9:00 pm Evening Program Session or Events


    Closing Day

    7:00 am — 8:00 am Embodied Movement or Meditation Class

    7:00 am — 9:00 am Breakfast at Kitchen Table

    9:00 am — 11:00 am Morning Program Session

    11:00 am Checkout Time

    12:00 pm — 2:00 pm Lunch at Kitchen Table—Departure day lunch is included in your stay.


    None required

    Experience Level

    Some experience with the Zentangle Method is recommended.

  • About 1440 Multiversity

    Beautifully nestled in the California redwoods near Santa Cruz, our 75-acre campus is within easy reach of San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

    1440 Multiversity is a place to spend time engaging some of life's most meaningful personal questions and to enjoy, restore, and reenergize yourself as you do it.

    You'll find new energy through immersion learning—setting aside daily urgencies and dedicating uninterrupted time to focus on important, but often elusive, priorities. Our unique collaboration with world-class faculty coupled with an original, inspirational curriculum and magnificent grounds make this a place like no other. Add in fresh, redwood-scented air, delicious and healthy food, deep reflection, fun exercise, and good sleep and you've pretty much captured what you'll experience here.

  • Accommodations

    At 1440 Multiversity, you’ll find a wide range of accommodations to meet your preferences and budget. All of our rooms have been thoughtfully designed to provide comfort, promote reflection, and foster connection with others.

    Accommodation rates include more than just the bed you sleep in.

    Per-person per-night rates include:

    • nourishing locally sourced, seasonal meals
    • daily meditation and yoga classes
    • non-ticketed evening events
    • use of all facilities, including the Fitness Center, steam rooms, and infinity-edge hot tub.

    Guests also enjoy access to woodland trails, cafés, and shops.


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