Dawson Church: Transform Your Life with EFT Tapping at 1440 Multiversity

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Transform Your Life with EFT Tapping

June 28 - 30, 2019

Friday - Sunday, 2 nights

All-inclusive program package to include:

<ul> <li>Tuition</li> <li>Three Meals in Kitchen Table (daily)</li> <li>Shared or Private Accommodations</li> <li>Signature classes and wellness offerings</li> </ul> <p>Please Note: All packages are priced per person. Should you elect a shared accommodation and community hall bath, 1440 will randomly pair you with a gender-specific roommate. Only private rooms have the option of a private bath.  1440 Multiversity is a smoke-free campus.</p>

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Program Description

Imagine if your struggles, negative emotions, and physical pain simply dissolved. Imagine starting each day with optimism, hope, and joy. What would your life look like?

Explore the healing power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping in this weekend workshop with Dawson Church, PhD, creator of EFT Universe, and watch your troubles dissolve. This evidence-based method uses the science of acupressure in the form of fingertip tapping on acupuncture points to restore energy flow to restricted parts of the body—resulting in incredible relief of both physical and psychological ailments.

At this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Basic acupressure points and the essential ingredients of EFT
  • How to test the results on your emotions and body
  • What research tells us about the “why” behind EFT’s formula
  • How psychological and physical problems relate, and how EFT can improve both
  • How the brain’s “mirror neurons” help you “borrow benefits” while watching another person’s tapping session.

The experience of millions of people and over 100 peer-reviewed studies validate clinical EFT, showing it to dramatically reduce symptoms of physical and mental distress, including pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and phobias. You’ll study the fascinating scientific research and firsthand accounts that show how EFT works deep in the body, reducing cortisol, boosting immunity, and even regulating genes.

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  • Faculty Bio
    Dawson Church, PhD

    Founder of National Institute for Integrative Healthcare

    Dawson Church has authored or edited over 200 books in the fields of health, psychology, and spirituality. First editor then president of Aslan Publishing (known for their inspirational self-help books and modern-day parables), Church went on to earn two doctoral degrees in natural medicine and integrative health. His principal work, The Genie in Your Genes, explores the link between consciousness, emotion, and gene expression.

    During his doctoral work, Church was mentored by Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, (neurosurgeon, pain medicine pioneer, and founder of the American Holistic Medical Association). Together, they authored Soul Medicine, surveying the role of consciousness in medicine from the earliest times to the modern day.

    A year after publishing this work, Church founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (NIIH), a nonprofit dedicated to study and education in evidence-based healing modalities. In 2008, NIIH initiated the Veterans Stress Project, a platform to connect veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with energy therapists. More than 10,000 veterans and family members have received counseling through the project, and Church has twice been invited to testify before US congressional committees on his work.

    Church is also a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the former president of The Family Connection, one of 53 nonprofits named as Points of Light by President Bill Clinton. He has worked with more than a thousand people in pain and published numerous scientific papers in collaboration with various scholars studying PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

    The editor of the journal Energy Psychology, Church manages Energy Psychology Press, which maintains a research bibliography and case histories at EFT Universe, one of the most-visited alternative medicine sites on the web. He blogs regularly for the Huffington Post, is an app reviewer for the American Psychiatric Association’s mental health mobile app, and his books have won over two dozen awards, including Best Health Book (Independent Press Awards) and Best Science Book (USA Book News Awards). His work has been featured by USA Today, CNN, BBC, the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Parenting.

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  • Why Attend
    • This hands-on, comprehensive course is created specifically to give you a complete introductory experience of EFT.<br />

    • Whatever the realm of your challenges—money, relationships, health, mental wellness—EFT can be a key tool to help disintegrate the blocks to your happiness and vitality.

    • EFT has been researched in more than 10 countries, by more than 60 investigators, whose results have been published in more than 20 different journals. The science is clear: EFT tapping is an evidence-based approach that can successfully clear the symptoms of physical and mental problems.

  • Things to Know/Schedule

    Program Schedule

    Below is your daily schedule for your stay during your program. You will always be able to attend the meals and activities shown between your program sessions. You will also have opportunities to experience Healing Arts, walking trails, and many other campus amenities throughout your stay. To schedule a treatment at Healing Arts call 844-544-1440, ext. 304 or email [email protected] Click here to view our current menu: https://1440.org/healing-arts-menu/

    Opening Day

    2:15 pm
    Check-in begins; rooms are ready by 4:00 pm
    Luggage storage is available

    5:00 — 6:15 pm Embodied Movement or Meditation Class

    5:30pm — 7:30 pm Dinner at Kitchen Table

    7:30 — 9:00 pm Program Session


    Daily Schedule

    7:00 am — 8:00 am Embodied Movement or Meditation Class

    7:00 am — 9:00 am Breakfast at Kitchen Table

    9:00 am — 12:00 pm Morning Program Session

    12:00 pm — 2:00 pm Lunch at Kitchen Table

    1:00 pm — 1:45 pm Outdoor Experience

    2:00 pm — 5:00 pm Afternoon Program Session

    5:00 pm — 6:15 pm Embodied Movement or Meditation Class

    5:30 pm — 7:30 pm Dinner at Kitchen Table

    7:30 pm — 9:00 pm Evening Program Session or Events


    Closing Day

    7:00 am — 8:00 am Embodied Movement or Meditation Class

    7:00 am — 9:00 am Breakfast at Kitchen Table

    9:00 am — 11:00 am Morning Program Session

    12:00 pm NOON Checkout Time

    12:00 pm — 2:00 pm Lunch at Kitchen Table—Departure day lunch is included in your stay.


    Minimum age is 15.

    Experience Level

    None required.

  • About 1440 Multiversity

    Beautifully nestled in the California redwoods near Santa Cruz, our 75-acre campus is within easy reach of San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

    1440 Multiversity is a place to spend time engaging some of life's most meaningful personal questions and to enjoy, restore, and reenergize yourself as you do it.

    You'll find new energy through immersion learning—setting aside daily urgencies and dedicating uninterrupted time to focus on important, but often elusive, priorities. Our unique collaboration with world-class faculty coupled with an original, inspirational curriculum and magnificent grounds make this a place like no other. Add in fresh, redwood-scented air, delicious and healthy food, deep reflection, fun exercise, and good sleep and you've pretty much captured what you'll experience here.

  • Accommodations

    At 1440 Multiversity, you’ll find a wide range of accommodations to meet your preferences and budget. All of our rooms have been thoughtfully designed to provide comfort, promote reflection, and foster connection with others.

    Accommodation rates include more than just the bed you sleep in.

    Per-person per-night rates include:

    • nourishing locally sourced, seasonal meals
    • daily meditation and yoga classes
    • non-ticketed evening events
    • use of all facilities, including the Fitness Center, steam rooms, and infinity-edge hot tub.

    Guests also enjoy access to woodland trails, cafés, and shops.


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