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Radical Remission

Programs About Nourishing Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Savor a fresh meal, reenergize through movement, meditate to connect inward, and spend time among the redwoods to nourish your whole self.

July 22 - 27, 2018

The Bridge to Happiness

Caverly Morgan

What do we want more than happiness? We all long for it. It’s the core desire underneath all of our searching. The thing we look for, only to realize it can’t be found “out there.” In this 5-day workshop, former monk Caverly Morgan uses meditation, guided imagery, experiential exercises, journaling, and group discussion to illuminate...

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September 7 - 9, 2018

Radical Remission

Cindy Handler

What is radical remission? It’s when someone heals from cancer without Western medicine or after Western medicine has failed—as summarized in Dr. Kelly Turner’s New York Times best-selling book, Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds. Join Radical Remission coach Cindy Handler for a weekend workshop exploring the nine key healing factors distilled from Dr....

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September 28 - 30, 2018

Yoga and the Food Revolution

John Robbins,  Katchie Ananda, E-RYT 500

Join John Robbins and Katchie Ananda for a unique journey into living with ever deeper compassion and respect for yourself and for others.  You’ll learn how to more fully connect with your passion and purpose.  And you’ll learn how yoga and the right food can interact to elevate your body, mind, spirit and soul. Katchie...

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October 12 - 14, 2018

Wisdom in Every Cell

Sylvia Boorstein, MSW, PhD,  Brahmani Liebman, E-RYT 500,MSEd,  Jashoda Edmunds, E-RYT 500

Distinguished teachers Sylvia Boorstein, MSW, PhD, Brahmani Liebman, MSEd, E-RYT 500, and Jashoda Edmunds, E-RYT 500, lead this weekend journey of learning—with the whole mind and body—to touch the wisdom within every cell. Meditation, mindful yoga, and dharma teachings practiced together provide a profound way to liberate the mind from habits that cause suffering. Through...

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October 12 - 14, 2018


Eric Edmeades

Are there some foods you wish you wanted less and others you wish you wanted more? Are you confused about what’s actually “healthy”? Or do you know what’s healthy but are controlled by cravings that keep you from eating that way? Are you tired of using food to self-soothe? Shift how you eat and transform...

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October 19 - 21, 2018

Paleo for the Holidays

Michelle Tam, PharmD,  Diana Rodgers, RD, LDN, NTP

People, parties, dinners, and cookies galore—how do you keep your sanity and stay healthy during the most festive (and hectic) time of year? Clean-eating your way through November and December is easier than you think. Join paleo experts Michelle Tam, PharmD, and Diana Rodgers, RD, LDN, NTP—trusted voices in mindful eating, real food, and sustainable...

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