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3-Day Mindfulness Compassion Inclusivity Summit with Jon Kabat-Zinn, Byron Katie, Dan Siegel, Ashanti Branch, Rhonda Magee, and other experts.



Fitness and Mind-Body Wellness

Even with strong intentions to live a more active lifestyle, it’s so easy to get stuck sitting at a desk all day. Fortunately, sometimes all it takes to reignite a commitment to movement is to step out of your usual routine and try something new.

At 1440, we offer weekend and 5-day programs [link to MOVE theme page], an array of daily wellness classes [link to below], Fitness Center [link to below], and redwood trails [link to below] for you to explore and remember all the reasons why you love to move.


Daily Mindful Movement

Movement seamlessly fits into your day at 1440, as a way to enhance resilience, mental clarity, and longevity—the perfect balance to a hectic modern lifestyle.¬†Classes in yoga, tai chi, and more occur throughout the day and evening, and the schedule provides variety throughout the week.

[CTA for a sample list of supplementary classes]

Fitness Center

Tucked among the redwoods, our 1,440-square-foot (yes, really!) fitness center is open daily. Use stationary bikes, yoga props, free weights, and ellipticals to boost your heart rate and mood. Enjoy your own personal practice, or bring a workout buddy for more time to connect.

Forest Trails

There’s nothing quite like walking among the redwoods.

Look up, hundreds of feet into the sky, and see the treetops slightly swaying with the wind. Look at the ground below and notice the dark beauty of the soft forest floor. Walk across bridges and hear the stream. Take deep breaths of the pine-scented air. Sit on a handcrafted bench and pause for a moment of reflection. As you bring your awareness to your senses, watch tension melt away.

There’s a special spot on campus called the Cathedral. We hope you won’t miss it. Spend time near the mother tree—estimated to be 1,200 years old—and imagine what it could be like to exist here for so many centuries.