“I often say that leadership is deeply personal and inherently collective. That’s a paradox that effective leaders have to embrace.”
Peter Senge

The world today needs better leadership. We are not lacking in cutting-edge discoveries, practical knowledge, and timeless wisdom, but we are in dire need of opportunities to explore these things and put them into practice. Expand your knowledge, and embody a new kind of empowered leadership—one that is more authentic, skillful, and relationally savvy.

  • Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler
    Master Difficult Conflicts

    When facing conflict, we typically try to win, avoid, blame, or even collaborate—often at great cost to ourselves and others. As leaders we have a unique opportunity to embrace the profound wisdom of moving beyond typical, ineffective approaches to conflict with a set of illuminating and empowering disciplines of conflict mastery.

  • Jon Gordon, Ken Blanchard, Marjorie Blanchard
    The Servant Leadership Experience

    The world is in desperate need of a different foundation for leadership—one that takes an inside-out approach, giving leaders tools to understand themselves and develop skills for increasing employee passion, customer devotion, and organizational vitality. The Servant Leadership model takes leadership to a higher level, rooted in the commitment to serving first and leading second.