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In the News

"There's a new smart set radically reinventing continuing education—making it more flexible, and aspirational, than ever before." - ELLE

Explore Your Potential in an Environment Like No Other

May 2018 — I was invited to experience all that 1440 has to offer: morning yoga, nature trails, a massage at the spa, concerts, cooking demos, and a drum circle. It was a whirlwind 2 days, but I did observe a glimpse into what makes 1440 a special destination for people from all walks of life.

This is the essence of 1440 Multiversity, a new learning destination nestled in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains. There are weekend and 5-day programs with sessions in yoga, meditation, art, writing, cooking classes and even gardening.


Inside Bay Area

Apr 2018 — VIBE: Launched by a former tech CEO, this retreat center nestled among Santa Cruz County redwoods has a packed schedule of big-name visiting lecturers and classes on living a balanced life.

STUDY: In the “Being Your Own Best Doctor” seminar, Elson Haas, MD, provides a framework for using Eastern, Western, and naturally inclined approaches to personal health.

STAY: Some of the rustic-chic hotel rooms have gas fireplaces and French doors that open out to the forest. Don’t miss the infinity hot tub at the campus spa.


1440 Multiversity Brings Immersive Learning to the California Redwoods

Mar 2018 — 1440 Multiversity has attracted thought leaders and mindfulness experts like Elizabeth Gilbert, Cheryl Strayed, Sharon Salzberg, Julia Cameron, Judith Orloff and many more icons who visit the property to gather, educate, enrich, and simultaneously experience being the best version of themselves.

The retreat center’s namesake, 1440, comes from the number of minutes in a day. “Each one [is] a chance to connect with what truly matters—both within and around us,” their catalog reads.


"A spa for your brain." - Town & Country

How the millionaires behind Silicon Valley giants such as Facebook are suffering an attack of conscience

Dec 2017 — At a retreat set amid towering redwoods near Santa Cruz, California, a gaggle of techies are searching for their souls. The event, a “mindfulness weekend for the tech immersed”, has been organised by 1440 Multiversity, a new resort cum self-help refuge co-founded by Scott Kriens, chairman of the $11bn (£8.2bn) networking giant Juniper.


“The Most Important Work We Do.” A Tech Winner Focuses on Personal Development

Dec 2017 — There are 1,440 minutes in day. Joanie Kriens started thinking about that one day while in the midst of a few self-aware moments gardening in her backyard. Out of this, Joanie and her husband Scott Kriens had the name for their new charity, 1440 Foundation, which “aims to improve the state of the world…one person, one relationship, one connection, and one minute at a time.”


Cheryl Strayed and Elizabeth Gilbert Finally Met in Real Life, and Shockingly, the World Didn’t Implode

Oct 2017 — Last weekend, two of the United States’ most famous memoirists met in person for the first time, after a years-long friendship conducted via email and phone. Liz Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed finally met in real life, and the Internet somehow managed not to implode from the collective awesomeness of so much spiritual guidance in one place.


"It's the calendar full of more contemporary offerings—led by a faculty that reads like a Coachella lineup for yoga and meditation enthusiasts—that makes 1440 a haven for the 21st century." - 7x7

This New Spa is Designed to Give Your Brain a Vacation

Sept 2017 — Recently the word retreat has become more noun than verb. Off-the-grid destinations from Arizona to India draw the drained and directionless with promises of self-improvement and recharging. Still, 1440 Multiversity, differentiates itself through its emphasis on an oft-ignored asset: the higher mind.

Higher Learning

Sept 2017 — 1440 Multiversity, situated in a towering redwood forest outside Santa Cruz, caters to the Silicon Valley cohort’s approach to extracurricular learning and enlightenment as a luxury pursuit, while also modernizing the type of wellness-centric offerings that older establishments, such as Esalen and Omega Institute pioneered.


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New Bay Area Wellness Retreat Invites You to Stretch, Hike, Learn, Eat + Stay in Serene Style

Sept 2017 — 1440 Multiversity is bringing a dose of modern mindfulness to a former bible college with a higher-education-meets-retreat-style model of classes, workshops, healthy eats, and overnight stay options to fit all budgets.

"A new wellness mecca has emerged in Northern California, and its all-encompassing methodology and integrative teaching methods are reshaping how its clients approach healthy living." - Robb Report

“It’s a Pretty Magical Place”

July 2017 — The Live Be Yoga team spends an “incredible weekend” at 1440 Multiversity, an adult education center nestled in California’s redwoods that helps people bring more power and energy to their lives and have a more positive impact in the world. Music by DJ Taz Rashid.


California’s Newest Wellness Retreat Is 1440 Multiversity, a Modern Mecca for Mind-and-Body Health

June 2017 — A new wellness mecca has emerged in Northern California, and its all-encompassing methodology and integrative teaching methods are reshaping how its clients approach healthy living. Nestled in a redwood forest in Scotts Valley, 1440 Multiversity debuted last month after four years of development, planning, and construction.

How Tech Mogul Scott Kriens Found His Way to Conscious Leadership

Mar 2017 — After decades as an executive in the tech industry, Scott Kriens resigned as CEO of Juniper Networks in 2009 to follow his passions in the areas of authentic leadership and integrated living. Now his new project, 1440 Multiversity, is scheduled to open in May 2017 as a retreat center offering “teachable skills for better living” programs presented by top names in personal development, health and wellness, leadership, career development, and more.