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How the millionaires behind Silicon Valley giants such as Facebook are suffering an attack of conscience

Dec 17, 2017 –At a retreat set amid towering redwoods near Santa Cruz, California, a gaggle of techies are searching for their souls. The event, a “mindfulness weekend for the tech immersed”, has been organised by 1440 Multiversity, a new resort cum self-help refuge co-founded by Scott Kriens, chairman of the $11bn (£8.2bn) networking giant Juniper.

"The Most Important Work We Do." A Tech Winner Focuses on Personal Development

Dec 13, 2017 –There are 1,440 minutes in day. Joanie Kriens started thinking about that one day while in the midst of a few self-aware moments gardening in her backyard. Out of this, Joanie and her husband Scott Kriens had the name for their new charity, 1440 Foundation, which “aims to improve the state of the world… one person, one relationship, one connection, and one minute at a time.”

Cheryl Strayed And Elizabeth Gilbert Finally Met In Real Life, And Shockingly, The World Didn't Implode

Oct 20, 2017 –Last weekend, two of the United States’ most famous memoirists met in person for the first time, after a years-long friendship conducted via email and phone. Liz Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed finally met in real life, and the Internet somehow managed not to implode from the collective awesomeness of so much spiritual guidance in one place.

Butternut Squash Farroto Recipe

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Fall 2017 — Kenny Woods is living a dream as executive chef of the the new, luxuriously rustic-chic 1440 Multiversity in Scott’s Valley. The 27-year-old Tucson native supervises the Kitchen Table dining facility on campus, using a seasonal, vegetable-driven approach to make sure that conference-goers are nourished in body and mind.

This New Spa is Designed to Give Your Brain a Vacation

Sep 20, 2017 — Recently the word retreat has become more noun than verb. Off-the-grid destinations from Arizona to India draw the drained and directionless with promises of self-improvement and recharging. Still, 1440 Multiversity, a new refuge 90 minutes south of San Francisco, differentiates itself through its emphasis on an oft-ignored asset: the higher mind.

New Bay Area Wellness Retreat Invites You to Stretch, Hike, Learn, Eat + Stay in Serene Style

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Sep 07, 2017 —1440 Multiversity is bringing a dose of modern mindfulness to a former bible college with a higher-education-meets-retreat-style model of classes, workshops, healthy eats, and overnight stay options to fit all budgets… it’s the calendar full of more contemporary offerings—led by a faculty that reads like a Coachella lineup for yoga and meditation enthusiasts—that makes 1440 a haven for the 21st century.

1440 Multiversity's Healthy Lifestyle Lineup

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July 3, 2017 — Santa Cruz County’s newest and largest hospitality venue is nearing completion in the redwood forest above Scotts Valley. With capacity to house 375 guests a night and feed them three healthful, vegetable-driven meals a day, the 1440 Multiversity aims to attract a different kind of visitor—one looking for experiences, knowledge and personal growth.

1440 Multiversity Teaches Healthy Living in the Redwoods

June 30, 2017 — Imagine learning from an expert you’ve always wanted to meet at a three-day workshop in the redwoods.No need to imagine: Such a place exists — right here in Santa Cruz County — with a focus on healthful living, integrating mind, body and spirit. This place is called 1440 Multiversity, for the number of minutes in the day.

A ‘Learning-Meets-Vacation Destination’

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June 7, 2017 — Newly opened 1440 Multiversity, named for the number of minutes in a day, is nestled among the Redwoods in Santa Cruz County. But this is more than your typical NorCal retreat—the 1440 Multiversity wants to merge learning with relaxation to create a vacation to both spark and settle the mind… from meditation to writing to dance to psychology to team-building.

"I want to be worthy of the view from my balcony. So I need to pay attention. I need to listen. And this place inspires that instantly." - - Naomi Shihab Nye, Award-winning Poet and Author