Healing Arts at 1440

Your 1440 experience includes access to a range of revitalizing healing arts services, from therapeutic massage to energy work to body treatments. Supported by our skilled practitioners, you’ll discover deep release and the capacity for your body’s innate intelligence to guide you toward wholeness. 

Our Healing Arts center features 22 treatment rooms and women’s and men’s changing rooms with lockers and private showers. Our outside deck features an infinity tub overlooking the redwood forest—we welcome you to come and relax. 

Our Healing Arts center is in its final stage of completion, and is in its soft opening phase. The steam rooms are under construction and will be available this winter. We invite you to be one of our very first guests, and be guided into deep relaxation.

If you are interested in scheduling a treatment, please contact Healing Arts reception at 1-844-544-1440, ext. 304 or email healing.arts@1440.org.