Zinn Adeline - 1440 Multiversity

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Zinn Adeline

Corporeal Writing creative workshop collaborator

Zinn Adeline is a writer whose work has appeared in Blunderbuss, Cactus Heart, and Nailed magazine. While doing her graduate work in creative writing, she accepted Lidia Yuknavitch’s invitation to collaborate on Corporeal Writing workshops—an alternative arts workshop series merging creative writing, theory, and praxis. She develops workshops and teaches from Portland, Oregon.

Zinn had a longing since childhood to be a writer. When her fourth grade teacher asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up, she said she wanted to save lives. “You want to be a doctor?” her teacher asked her. To which Zinn replied, “No, I want to be a writer.

After earning bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and sociology, she moved to Portland, Oregon, and applied for an MFA program with the sole purpose of taking classes with Lidia. Now, through Corporeal Writing, Zinn is letting herself become. An artist. A lover. A new kind of mother. And then become again.