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Wibo Koole

Business leader, mindfulness instructor

Wibo Koole is cofounder and director of the Centrum voor Mindfulness in Amsterdam and the architect of its renowned Mindful Leadership programs. He is a certified mindfulness teacher and a member of MIT’s Presencing Institute’s practitioner team. A leading expert on the research and modern scientific insights on mindfulness meditation, he is a practiced student of its applications and of various cultural and contemplative traditions, including Insight Meditation and Zen Buddhism.

Besides teaching mindfulness-based leadership programs, Koole has served as campaign and strategy director with the Dutch Consumer Association, head of communications for Oxfam Novib, and CEO of the Dutch Nature and Environment Foundation.

Having gained a wide inside knowledge of many economic, political, and technological sectors, Koole is also a management consultant specializing in strategy and innovation, change management, and leadership development in a range of global organizations, both corporate and social. Clients include Air France-KLM, ING Bank, the Ministry of Agriculture in Ethiopia, international NGOs Oxfam and Synergos, and various other city and state governments, engineering companies, and hospitals.

He is a featured public speaker on leadership, mindfulness, and organizational development and the author of Mindful Leadership: Effective Tools to Help You Focus and Succeed.

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Burnout. It’s running rampant in the workplace, giving rise to self-doubt, cynicism, and exhaustion. But there is an accessible solution. While increasing research shows that compassion is good for workplace productivity and satisfaction overall, it also proves that self-compassion (inner compassion applied to ourselves first) reduces stress and anxiety, giving rise to improved mental well-being,...

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