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Vivian Elliott, PhD

Organizational change, equity, and leadership expert

Vivian Elliott is a senior consultant with Learning Forward and with Elliott Service Systems Inc. She provides professional development and leadership coaching to teachers, school administrators, and managers in organizations throughout the United States. Dr. Elliott earned her doctorate at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying organizational change, equity, and leadership.

For more than thirty years, she has conducted educational research, designed and facilitated workshops, and published educational writings to promote cultural responsiveness and bias elimination. Her recent publication, The Principal Story Field Guide, commissioned by The Wallace Foundation and Learning Forward, is widely used in conjunction with the documentary, The Principal Story.

Vivian Elliott is known in school districts, universities, and nonprofit organizations for skillful facilitation, excellent team leadership, and quality project management. Dr. Elliott co-created the Colorado Coalition for Equity in Education and served in leadership roles for the National Coalition for Equity in Education and the Colorado Partnership for Educational Renewal.


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