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Valerie Sheppard

Self-mastery and transformation expert, speaker, coach

Valerie Sheppard, aka the Sherpa of Happiness, is a self-mastery expert, founding member of the Evolutionary Business Council, and founder and chief executive officer of The Heart of Living Vibrantly Center for Mindfulness and Self-Mastery.Her passion is helping people de-stress and meet life’s ups and downs with more courage, confidence, inner peace, and happiness.

She uses the principles and practices in her award-winning, number-one international best seller, Living Happy to Be ME!: Dancing Your Soul Lightstyle©, as the centerpiece of her transformational work. Her program includes a college-level curriculum that is getting rave reviews at the University of California, Irvine.

A certified Sacred Contracts coach, she has been trained in compassionate communication, spiritual direction, and HeartMath. As a professional improv comedian, Valerie’s specialty is finding ways to keep transformational work light, and she often incorporates improv tips and games along with Laughter Yoga into her workshops and keynote addresses.

Valerie appeared on the cover of My Authentic Life Magazine and has been published in the award-winning 11:11 Magazine. She has also been an expert guest on numerous radio shows and tele-summits, including a recent appearance on BronxNet television.

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Thursday - Sunday, 3 nights

Does life ever cause you stress, worry, or anxiety? How do you rise above to experience peace, ease, happiness, and fulfillment—no matter what’s going on around you? Join self-mastery expert Valerie Sheppard for a transformative retreat based on her award-winning international best seller Living Happy to Be ME!: Dancing Your Soul Lightstyle©. Through contemplative self-inquiry,...