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Titanya Dahlin

Movement artist and educator

Titanya Dahlin is an author, award-winning speaker, actress, certified Waldorf education teacher, and artist. She is the movement coordinator for the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program and author of Energy Medicine for Kids.

Called the “story dancer,” she combines world dance with ancient stories to connect her audiences to women’s history. She has been teaching and performing for over 30 years. With a background in jazz, ballet, African, flamenco, ballroom, and Polynesian dance, she creates a special style all her own.

Titanya has researched spiritual and sacred connections to movement as a healing force, a holistic approach she uses in all of her teaching. She has incorporated the Chinese Five Element system into her belly dance workshops since 1996.

Titanya is also the creator of Energy Medicine Dance, a form of movement based on the work of her mother, energy medicine pioneer Donna Eden. She brings a unique radiant joy to her classes that allows her students to find their own femininity and Divine energy within.

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Awaken Your Body

June 16 - 21, 2019

Sunday - Friday, 5 nights

Do you long for some peace and time away from work or family connecting to your body, mind, and spirit? Join Dondi and Titanya Dahlin, daughters of energy medicine pioneer Donna Eden, for a fun, powerful retreat in movement, artistry, ceremony, and dance—encompassing traditions from the Middle East to Polynesia and Spain. You will explore...

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