Tino Plank - 1440 Multiversity

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Tino Plank, MA, MSN, RN

Nurse educator and healthcare innovator

Tino Plank has advanced degrees in nursing and multicultural spirituality, as well as an extensive background in program development and process improvement. Tino is a former nursing faculty member at the University of San Francisco, where he was at the forefront of integrating healthcare innovation into practice.

Tino currently works as a nurse educator in end-of-life care, with experience in hospice grief counseling. In those roles, he has witnessed both the beauty and the downside of empathy: empathy can empower caring interactions, yet if it isn’t healthy and intentional, it can contribute to professional burnout.

For over twenty years, Tino has worked with Karla McLaren to develop the Dynamic Emotional Integration® process. He has also been an instructor in postgraduate classroom and online environments for over ten years, and he is the cocreator of the Healthy Empathy® training program for health and healing professionals.

Tino is also a mixed media mask-maker, and he designs and build masks based on dream images.