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Theresa Vargo, BA

Intimacy expert, relationship coach, and photographer

Theresa Vargo, BA

Intimacy expert, relationship coach, and photographer


Theresa Vargo is the founder of The Art of Intimacy and a certified life coach and intuitive guide working with women to build healthier relationships in matters of the heart. Theresa is one of the most sought-after relationship coaches and successful advocates for intimacy health in the San Francisco Bay Area and neighboring Marin County.

Theresa has lived most of her life behind the lens of a camera, and has a degree from the Brooks Institute of Photography and Science. As a wedding photographer for over 15 years, her job was to capture stories about love, happiness, and connection—yet all around her she was hearing women’s personal stories about their unhappiness, lack of love, and missed intimacy. This observation was instrumental in her decision to put down her camera to pursue personal growth around issues of intimacy and sexuality.

Theresa has led or participated in over 100 workshops on the topics of relationships, sexuality, tantra, body work, love, shamanic spirituality, and compassionate communication. Her mission is to cocreate healing, happiness, and freedom with her clients.

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Friday - Sunday, 2 nights

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