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Tery Elliot

Founder of the Self Leadership Institute

Tery Elliot is the founder of the Self Leadership Institute, a platform for empowering men and women to embrace their inner leader by understanding how they relate to self and other.

Over the last 15 years she has had the opportunity to work with global leaders, teams, organizations and academic institutions, including Wharton, MIT, West Point and Stanford. She loves facilitating and creating environments where leaders can deepen their understanding of how they operate, impact and make choices in their lives.

Whether it is one on one, with groups, or teams, Tery’s uncanny ability to identify what clients need in order to grow as leaders (even when it is not readily apparent to the clients themselves) makes her a challenging yet rewarding facilitator and coach. Her passion and clear vision has helped program participants gain clarity and motivation in implementing strategies to become happier, more effective people and leaders.

In her off time, Tery loves hiking with her husband, playing with her grand dog, and spending time with her 5 children and 3 grandchildren.

Tery holds an MA in counseling psychology from Santa Clara University.