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Svani Erica Grevemeyer

Zen priest and yoga teacher

Svani Erica Grevemeyer

Zen priest and yoga teacher


Śvani Erica Grevemeyer began practicing yoga as a support for her sitting meditation practice. Her playful and inquisitive nature comes forth in her classes as she supports her students in reclaiming dignity, balance, and perspective through the practice of yoga.

A graduate of the Yoga Room’s Iyengar-based Advanced Studies Program in Berkeley, Erica continues to deepen and refine her practice by constantly exploring the question of how her practice reflects the rest of life.

She was ordained as a priest in the new Dharma lineage in 2013. Erica’s teaching reflects lessons learned from those who paved the way and continue to shine lights along the path: Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Donald Moyer, Ada Lusardi, and Sandy Blaine.

Erica’s practice has always been about coming back to being human. She has her feet on the ground, is practical and pragmatic, and is more interested in meeting you where you are than in getting you to contort yourself into something you are not.


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January 28-February 2, 2018
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