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Stace Fulwiler

Shoemaker and sandal making instructor

Stace Fulwiler creates sandals inspired by Mediterranean sandal ateliers, beatnik sandal-wearers of yesteryear, and California culture. With a degree in Fine Arts and continuing studies in science and nutrition, she is interested in the body and its healthy interaction with apparel.

Stace began making sandals in 2013 and immediately realized that working with her hands was essential to her emotional health and vitality. She fell in love with sandal making: working with the body, leather, patterns, and tools to create something sublime, personal, and evolving.

She continues to learn through experimentation with new designs, reading old books, and talking to shoemakers in her travels. The sandal makers she meets are delightful people, openly offering advice and sharing knowledge.

Stace began teaching sandal-making workshops to demystify the process of making one’s own apparel and to enable others to reclaim the joy of using their own two hands (and two feet) to finish a project in one day. Sandal making is a very learnable craft and Stace absolutely loves teaching it: anyone can experience the magic of shoemaking with the necessary tools, supplies, and a little guidance.

Previous Programs

The Magic of Custom Sandal Making

May 10 - 12, 2019

Friday - Sunday, 2 nights

Don’t you love beautiful leather sandals? Handcrafting leather sandals is a traditional way of shoemaking that has been practiced for centuries all around the world. Come learn how to do this special craft yourself! Join Stace Fulwiler for a weekend workshop on how to make your own custom pair of gorgeous, comfortable sandals entirely from...