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Sierra J. Sullivan

Feminine empowerment expert and passion coach

Sierra J. Sullivan is a feminine empowerment expert and passion coach. She helps women reclaim their feminine qualities of nurturing, receptivity, creativity, and intuition so they can express themselves more authentically and feel more satisfied in life. She also helps women deepen their relationships with men.

Prior to becoming a coach, Sierra worked for over 12 years in production on television commercials and almost a decade in women’s magazine publishing, and was the founding partner of a graphic design firm.

Through Life Stylized—a company dedicated to personal development that she founded with her life partner, Rono Smith—she offers mentoring, intuitive coaching, and courses on how to find, attract, and keep love. Using their collected knowledge, deep intuitive gifts, and real life experiences, they offer students the opportunity to stretch beyond their current circumstances to create the life of their dreams.

Sierra is a “burner” and regularly attends the Burning Man Festival. She splits her time between upstate New York and California.