Sheila Hamilton - 1440 Multiversity

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Sheila Hamilton

Award-winning journalist, broadcaster, and storyteller

Sheila Hamilton has won five Emmy Awards as a journalist and is the author of All the Things We Never Knew, which was a finalist for the Oregon Book Awards and a top-10 “must read” Powell’s Books mention. Beginning her career in journalism as a producer for PBS in Salt Lake City, Sheila was an investigative reporter for nearly a decade, working for commercial broadcast stations KTVX and KATU.

Transitioning to radio broadcasting after the birth of her daughter, Sophie, she began focusing on a more holistic approach to career, family, health, and well-being through writing, meditation, yoga, mindful walking, and cross-country skiing. She hosts Portland’s Kink morning show and anchors the KXL afternoon show.

Her wellness blog features some of the country’s finest minds on the topic, providing a more balanced approach to living well with brain disease. Sheila is a frequent speaker on the topic of mindful mental health and recovery, and serves on the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care, the Flawless Foundation, and is recipient of Lines for Life’s “Shining Star” Award for her work in the prevention of suicide.