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Shai Plonski

Thai masseuse, writer, teacher, and trainer

Shai Plonski first discovered Thai massage in 1999 while traveling in Thailand. When he returned home to Quebec, Shai found his mentor, Kam Thye Chow, one of the original North American teachers, living less than two blocks away. Shai went on to work hand-in-hand with Kam Thye, learning the practice and eventually managing the Lotus Palm School in Montreal.

At the school, he has developed curriculum and contributed to many of the books currently in use, including the teacher training program and advanced training courses.

As a teacher of Thai massage since 2003, Shai has witnessed countless examples of the profound healing effects of quality, loving touch for both giver and receiver. He has taught at some of the largest yoga centers in the world including Kripalu Center and Omega Institute, and is founder of Still Light Centre School of Thai Massage in Toronto, Ontario.

To date, Shai has authored or coauthored 15 manuals and books on Thai massage, and has trained more than 3,300 practitioners and 100 teachers. He has dedicated his life to highlighting the universal qualities of Thai massage and believes anyone can excel at giving this type of bodywork.


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