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Russill Paul

Sound healing pioneer and musician

Founder and director of the Yogic Mystery School, Russill Paul is a pioneering figure who introduced the sonic aspects of yoga to North America. Combining world-class musicianship with exceptional teaching ability and direct spiritual experience, he teaches how to use sound with movement, meditation, and breathwork in ways that heal, rejuvenate, and awaken intense spiritual awareness.

Author of The Yoga of Sound and many best-selling chant CDs, Russill has 25 years of experience teaching at leading educational institutions in the West and facilitates an effortless learning experience no matter what level or stage you are on the spiritual path. His method translates the most powerful experiences of the Indian spiritual tradition into meaningful and accessible practices for Westerners, accompanied by extraordinary live music.

Trained as a monk and yogi in India and having taught alongside the most respected names in spirituality in the West for almost three decades, Russill ingeniously combines art, scholarship, and spiritual practice to produce extraordinary experiences. He loves to mimic his own Indian accent roots and make light of spirituality in both the East and West, but only as a balance to the depth and power of spirit transmission.