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Ruby Warrington

Modern-day mystical coach, author

Ruby Warrington is a lifestyle journalist, author, consultant, and modern-day mystic who makes astrology, tarot, nontraditional healing, feminine wisdom, magic, mindfulness, and moon-loving witchiness accessible to a wide range of communities, businesses, and brands.

Through her cosmic lifestyle platform, The Numinous, she updates all things New Age for life in the Now Age. Other projects include Club SÖDA NYC, a “sober curious” event series, and Moon Club, a spiritual coaching program serving women from around the globe.

As a consultant, Ruby partners with wellness experts and modern mystics to help companies bring more divine magic into their branding, events, and communications. Her list of clients includes Soho House, Unilever, Lululemon, and the James Hotels.

The author of Material Girl, Mystical World, Ruby offers an eye-opening way to think about our relationship with alcohol in her latest book, Sober Curious. It focuses on the enormous benefits that come from unlearning the mindless habit of drinking and embracing the joy, clarity, confidence, and connection of sobriety.

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