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Rono K. Smith

Empowerment coach, consultant, and educator

Rono K. Smith

Empowerment coach, consultant, and educator


Rono Smith is a highly intuitive lifestyle coach who has over 20 years experience performing on the stage. Rono teaches students how to break through their fears and limiting belief systems to help them achieve a renewed sense of confidence.

He has an eclectic background in vocal performance, marketing, design, teaching, and music production, and a heart-centered approach to life, business, and love, which he shares with his business and life partner, Sierra J. Sullivan.

His former clients include Jaguar Cars North America, Genlux magazine, The RAY magazine, Hsin Tao International, and Herbal Answers, Inc.

He specializes in individual fashion consulting related to self-love, personal empowerment, and confidence, and how to create a positive mindset that reframes beliefs around expectations and money.

Through Life Stylized—a company dedicated to personal development that he cofounded with Sierra J. Sullivan—he offers mentoring, intuitive coaching, and courses on how to find, attract, and keep love. Using their collected knowledge, deep intuitive gifts, and real life experiences, they offer students the opportunity to stretch beyond their current circumstances to create the life of their dreams.

Rono is a “burner,” and regularly attends the Burning Man Festival. He splits his time between upstate New York and California.

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Sunday - Friday, 5 nights

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