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Rob Woodcox

Fine art and fashion photographer

Rob Woodcox is a fine art and fashion photographer who exercises his talent for photography with an unquenchable, contagious passion. As he creates each piece of artwork, Rob strives to capture fragments of vivid life—embracing reality, memory, and dream. Each concept is a declaration of his experience and seeks to tell a meaningful story to every individual who views it.

Rob’s passion for photography has developed into a dedication for advocacy and making strained voices heard. Rob has produced projects to raise awareness and conversation around the United States foster system, as well as adoption, queer identity, body positivity, and racial diversity.

Having been adopted as a child and interacting often with the foster care system, Rob is endowed with an ability to create from a unique perspective. He finds hope in the human connection and the will to overcome negative constructs within our complex societies.

Rob has taught thousands of students in over 15 countries and 25 cities worldwide—70 workshops to date. In 2018, Rob created a powerful online master class currently featured on Udemy. He has worked for clients such as Universal Pictures, Capitol Records, and Live Nation, as well as various celebrities. His work has been seen in public gallery spaces in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Austria, to name a few, and published in various media outlets such as Vogue, Out, Vice, ABC, UK Daily Mail, Huffington Post, and more.

Rob currently splits time between Mexico City, Los Angeles, and New York City. When he is not creating photographs, he mentors artists, travels, and gets lost on whichever adventures present themselves.

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The Power Within You

August 8 - 11, 2019

Thursday - Sunday, 3 nights

We live, work, love, and play in a society that sells us an identity. We’re constantly being pulled by outside forces to be different, to be something that we’re not. Join fine art and fashion photographer Rob Woodcox and discover how to use the power of self-expression and photography to unleash all the power that already resides within...

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