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Richard Goerling, MBA

Veteran law enforcement officer, mindful law enforcement expert

Richard Goerling has served in law enforcement for over two decades, holding both federal- and municipal-level positions in a variety of investigative and operational assignments. Richard served in the United States Coast Guard Reserve for 27 years, both active and reserve, retiring in 2015 at the rank of commander. His early active-duty tours included serving as an officer aboard a high endurance cutter, and as an instructor at the Coast Guard’s maritime law enforcement academy.

Richard’s layered experience inspired him to spearhead the introduction of mindfulness into policing as part of a larger cultural transformation toward a compassionate, skillful, and resilient warrior ethos. He has become a thought leader in resiliency, performance, leading change, and community building in policing.

He completed his formal training at the University of California at Los Angeles Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC), under the direction of Diana Winston, Dr. Susan Smalley, and Dr. Marvin Belzer, and is a certified mindfulness facilitator through UCLA.

Richard also serves as an affiliate assistant professor in the Graduate School of Psychology at Pacific University in Oregon and as a co-investigator in a current NIH-funded study looking at mindfulness in policing.