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Paul G. Stoltz, PhD

Leading expert, thought leader, and presenter on human resilience

Dr. Paul G. Stoltz is the world’s leading expert on measuring and strengthening human resilience and the world’s leading authority on the integration and application of grit and resilience. He was voted One of the Top 10 Most Influential Global Thinkers by HR Magazine and One of the 100 Most Influential Thinkers of Our Time by Executive Excellence.

Dr. Stoltz is author of four international best sellers printed in 14 languages. His newest book, GRIT: The New Science of What It Takes to Persevere, Flourish, Succeed, pioneers the first construct for growing the quantity and quality of one’s GRIT.

He is founder and CEO of PEAK Learning, a leading global research and consulting firm where he coaches, consults, teaches, and collaborates with top leaders, thinkers, and influencers within a broad range of organizations on six continents.

A highly sought-after thought leader, presenter, and teacher, Dr. Stoltz guest lectures at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has guest lectured for Stanford, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, and Harvard universities. A featured blogger and author for the Harvard Business Review and Psychology Today, Dr. Stoltz is frequently featured in the world’s top media, daytime shows, and press worldwide.