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Neil Pearson

Neil Pearson is an award-winning educator offering hope and practical self-care solutions to those in pain. A physical therapist, yoga therapist, and clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia with advanced training as a yoga teacher, his expertise is working with individuals and groups with persisting pain conditions.

Neal’s interest in pain care arose from curiosity—the experiences and stories described by people in pain did not coincide with what he learned in school. So he listened and learned from diverse sources, including the amazing wisdom of the people who came to him for relief. Integrating their stories with ongoing advances in pain physiology, the science and transformative aspects of yoga, and variations in individual pain recovery paths, Neil provides techniques and guidance that bring hope and greater ease for people in pain.

Neal’s Pain Care Yoga training and mentorship programs and online Pain Care Pro memberships allow people around the world to access his knowledge and expertise.