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Neha Sangwan, MD

Physician, Author, Speaker, and Coach

Neha Sangwan, MD

Physician, Author, Speaker, and Coach


Neha Sangwan, a physician-entrepreneur, international speaker, and corporate communication expert, is CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence. She combines the science of medicine with the art of communication to help individuals strengthen their relationships, decrease their stress levels, and improve their health.

Dr. Sangwan is the author of TalkRx: Five Steps to Honest Conversations that Create Connection, Health, and Happiness and has filmed her first public television show. She has also shared her discoveries on the stages of TEDx Berkeley and TEDx San Luis Obispo.

Her private practice and corporate consulting focuses on empowering entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, and their teams with tools for clear, effective communication. She speaks for and partners with a number of organizations, including the American Heart Association, American Express, Kaiser Permanente, and Google.

Dr. Sangwan addresses the root cause of stress, miscommunication, and interpersonal conflict to improve productivity and morale. Addressing these issues also often heals chronic conditions such as headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, and anxiety.

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