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Nancy Slonim Aronie

Writing teacher and NPR commentator

Nancy Slonim Aronie is a distinguished writer and commentator for NPR’s All Things Considered and founder of the Chilmark Writing Workshop on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Aronie has taught writing workshops for more than 25 years, most recently with Robert Coles at Harvard University. She is author of Writing From the Heart.

She was a visiting writer at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, wrote a monthly column in McCall’s magazine, and was recipient of the Eye of The Beholder artist-in-residence award at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.

Nancy won the Teacher of the Year award for all three years she taught at Harvard. She offers writing workshops and lectures at Kripalu Center, Omega Institute, Rowe Center, Wainwright House, Esalen Institute, and the Open Center in New York City.

She is known for her funny, engaging teaching style and for making participants feel safe and empowered in her life-changing workshops: “You can take the risk of saying this is who I am, this is what terrifies me, this is what moves me, this is what makes me laugh. When you take that risk, you dig deep.”