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Najwa Zebian

Author, activist, and inspirational speaker

Najwa Zebian is on a mission to empower people to build a home within themselves—to live, love, and create fearlessly. Her first students, a group of young refugees, led her back to her foundational passion: writing. By writing to heal her students, Najwa began to heal her sixteen-year-old self.

Since publishing her first collection of poetry and prose in 2016, Najwa has become an inspiration to millions of people worldwide. Bravely sharing her experiences of displacement, discrimination, and abuse, Najwa is known for her best-selling poetry and stirring, widely-viewed speaking engagements. She became a trailblazing voice for women everywhere when her words became a face for the #MeToo movement after mentions in the New York Times, Huffington Post, and CBS News.

A social media influencer and educator, Najwa continues to speak on behalf of those still searching for a voice of their own.

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The Art of Telling the Story of Who You Are

October 11 - 13, 2019

Friday - Sunday, 2 nights

Confidence, resilience, and independence start by finding and raising your voice. In this thrilling weekend workshop Najwa Zebian—the author, activist, and inspirational speaker whose words became a face for the #MeToo movement—shares the importance of owning your story and how to consciously and constructively share it with the world. Through lecture, group discussion, journaling, reflecting,...

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