Mona Lisa Schulz - 1440 Multiversity

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Mona Lisa Schulz, MD, PhD

Physician, medical intuitive, and energy healer

Mona Lisa Schulz has 25 years’ experience as a practicing medical intuitive, combining the best of the Western scientific medical tradition with energy medicine, ‰the medicine of the future.‰

As an MD with a doctorate in behavioral neuroscience from the Boston School of Medicine, she is able to cross the borders of science, medicine, and mysticism. Dr. Mona Lisa teaches health-care professionals and others how to acknowledge, trust, and develop their own intuitive skills.

Her books include The Intuitive AdvisorThe New Feminine BrainAwakening Intuition, and All Is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition, coauthored with Louise Hay. She is also host of ‰Intuitive Health‰ on Hay House Radio.