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Michael Naylor, MEd, CPCC, LADC, CCS

Enneagram teacher, coach, and addiction specialist

Michael Naylor is an International Enneagram Accredited professional teacher, certified Co-Active life transformation coach, licensed addiction therapist and recovery coach, and a men’s transformational facilitator and teacher. He is also an authorized and certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram teacher, and is the director of the Enneagram Center for Transformation and Change in South Portland, Maine.

Michael teaches and coaches nationally and internationally, and works with corporate teams utilizing the Enneagram for the development of emotional intelligence and empowered action. He has years of experience in the field of transformation and empowerment, and has worked in the field of addiction for the last 26 years as therapist, coach, and educator, most recently at Serenity House, a men’s rehabilitation center.

In addition, Michael is a partner with Anderson & Rust, a highly successful consulting organization helping international corporations bring forth their highest productivity through increasing emotional intelligence and rapport, using the Enneagram as a key part of the process. He has also served as a consultant and teacher with the respected Enneagram coaching school Mindjuice, located in Copenhagen, Denmark.