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Michael Mayer, PhD

Licensed psychologist and certified qigong and tai chi teacher

Michael Mayer is a licensed psychologist and qigong and tai chi teacher who specializes in offering patients self-healing methods for health problems. A keynote speaker, Dr. Mayer presents his approach to body-mind healing at professional conferences, national and international workshops, universities, and hospitals.

A pioneer of the integration of qigong and psychotherapy, Dr. Mayer was the first person in the United States to train doctoral psychology students in these methods at an accredited university. The American Tai Chi and Qigong Association has certified Michael as a master tai chi instructor. He is the author of 20 publications on body-mind healing, including six books and various articles.

Michael’s guiding image of “two streams becoming one” directs him as he joins East/West, mind/body, and ancient/modern in his work. His interest in joining ancient wisdom traditions and psychotherapy led him to become a cofounding faculty member of John F. Kennedy University’s transpersonal psychology program.

His interest in mind-body medicine led him to cofound and practice at the Health Medicine Center, a multi-disciplinary medical clinic providing integrative health care. He is a fellow of the American Association for Integrative Medicine.