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Meg Levie, MA

Executive coach and mindfulness expert

After many years of residential and monastic practice at the San Francisco Zen Center, Meg Levie felt called to find ways to make awareness practices more accessible to the wider world. Since 2008, she has taught classes and retreats to integrate mindfulness into work and life at a number of Silicon Valley companies including Genentech, Twitter, and Google.

 As a professionally certified coach, Meg has worked with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and founders of nonprofits as well as executive level leaders from Zynga and Google. She loves working with leaders who have a strong desire to develop greater self-awareness and create workplaces that support positive human development. She graduated from Stanford University with honors and then completed a master’s degree in English literature at the University of Texas at Austin before leaving a doctoral program there to follow her heart’s calling of studying Zen.

Previous Programs

Search Inside Yourself

October 26 - 29, 2017

Thursday - Sunday, 3 nights

Effective leadership isn’t about just checking off more tasks. It’s defined by how well we use our minds, access our inner wisdom, and interact with others. Our workplaces are churning out burned-out leaders, who report little bandwidth for big-picture thinking, innovation, and truly understanding others. The skills to work with our minds, our emotions, and...