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Martin Rossman

Martin Rossman


Dr. Martin Rossman is an integrative physician practicing in Greenbrae, California. He is also a nationally board-certified acupuncturist and has been integrating traditional Chinese acupuncture into his medical practice since 1972. A graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School, he has had a long-standing interest in the practical importance of lifestyle, nutrition, and mind-body practices in medicine and health.

Dr. Rossman is author of The Worry Solution, Fighting Cancer from Within, and Guided Imagery for Self-Healing. He has also written numerous medical textbook chapters on imagery, mind-body medicine, and integrative medicine, along with creating dozens of guided imagery audios to enhance self-care and self-healing.

Dr. Rossman is founder and director of Marin Integrative Medicine and Medical Acupuncture; clinical instructor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of California Medical School, San Francisco; and consultant to prestigious medical and health-care institutions, including Kaiser Permanente, Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, and Andrew Weil’s Center for Integrative Medicine.

He has presented more than 600 invited lectures, and his national PBS special, The Healing Mind, aired in 2016.

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