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Marion Ross, PhD

Transpersonal psychologist, international entrepreneur

Marion Ross is a transpersonal psychologist with extensive practical experience in counseling, business, and marketing. She teaches corporate seminars and workshops of all sizes to empower people in their personal transformation and to raise global consciousness.

Marion is coauthor, with Tracy Latz, of five books, including SHIFT: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation, SHIFT: 12 Keys to Shift Your Life, and Entrepreneurial Alignment: How to Overcome Self-Sabotage in Business.

 After 30 years in the licensing industry (representing corporate trademarks like Adidas, Esprit, Elle, and Michael Kors), she now focuses on distributing new healing tools and teaching people around the world essential techniques for self-healing. For the past 10 years, she has had a private practice as a psychotherapist and teaches seminars in personal transformation, Reiki, energy psychology, and more.

Marion holds doctorates in holistic healing, metaphysics, and transpersonal psychology as well as certifications in medical qigong, qigong healing, Robert Peng-certified teacher training, energy medicine, mind-body medicine, and sound healing. She currently has successful practices in Paris and New York City.