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Liz Arch

Liz Arch, named one of the “100 Women to Watch in Wellness” by MindBodyGreen, is creator of Primal Yoga®, a dynamic yoga and martial arts fusion class merging vinyasa yoga with the artistry of kung fu and the grace of Tai Chi.

With more than 10 years’ experience in various yoga and martial arts styles, she holds a Tai Chi Quan certification from the Beijing Tai Chi and Kung Fu Academy and has won local and national kung fu and Tai Chi competitions. She holds multiple yoga certifications and has trained celebrities, musicians, and Olympic athletes.

Liz travels the world leading teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats. She has graced the cover of international yoga magazines and has contributed as a health and wellness expert to, MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, and other online lifestyle resources. A firm believer in the capacity of yoga to heal, she donates her time to the causes that touch her heart.

Previous Programs

Primal Yoga® Immersion

July 30 - August 4, 2017

Sunday - Friday, 5 nights

Experience Primal Yoga, a fluid and thoughtfully sequenced style that combines movement and breath to cultivate the flow of qi and pranic energy throughout the body. Seamlessly blending yoga with slow flowing movements inspired by tai chi, qigong, and kung fu, Primal Yoga becomes a harmonious dance that creates balance, strength, and synergy in our...