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Leanna Immel, RYT-200

Yoga instructor and 1440 R&R Manager

Leanna rediscovered her love of yoga in 2011 in an aerial yoga class, joining the fluidity of dance with the disciplined art of yoga. After a couple of years β€œin the air,” Leanna transitioned onto the mat where she developed both flowing and stillness practices.

As an elementary school teacher, Leanna furthered her own yoga education in order to bring these teachings alive for her students. By attending the YogaKids Foundations Training, she has been able to provide a playful and nurturing practice to children in classroom, camp, and studio settings. Her work with adults is just as profound.

Leanna draws inspiration from local and international yoga teachers such as Valerie Moselle, Matthew Remski, Jenni Rawlings, Lisa Garrido, Diane Bruni, Bridget Puchalsky, and others. Her teaching and her classes aim to be thoughtful, intentional, and inclusive. She sees yoga through a modern lens based on inquiry and dialogue, discovering the power of uniting movement with breath, and cultivating a mindful practice both on and off the mat.

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