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Lauren Imparato

Lifestyle and wellness expert and yoga teacher

Lauren Imparato, founder and CEO of I.AM.YOU, is considered one of the world’s top lifestyle, wellness, and yoga experts. Renowned for her real approaches to business and health for real people living real, modern lives, Lauren leads classes for tens of thousands of people nationally and worldwide.

Her international bestseller, RETOX, has been translated into four languages and profiled on Dr. Oz. Lauren unites ancient yoga philosophies with science, anatomy, and modern life in her consulting, teaching, speaking, and writing.

Lauren never anticipated wellness would become her career—in fact, she hated it. Raised in California, she graduated from Princeton and moved to New York to take on Wall Street. Yoga was only an experimental alternative to treadmill workouts, and meditation only an attempt to keep it together on the trading floor.

In 2009, Lauren resigned from her job as Vice President of Morgan Stanley to launch I.AM.YOU, a wellness lifestyle company, digital magazine, and yoga studio in Manhattan. She has been profiled by over 300+ media outlets—without the help of an agent. She is a graduate with advanced certifications from Kula Yoga School, the School of Yoga Anatomy, and the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.