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Explore relationships, sexuality, and love at Radiant Intimacy, May 24–27.


Lara Catone

Embodied leadership guide, transformative educator, writer

Lara Catone is a writer, leadership coach, educator, and researcher of eros. All of her work is devoted to culture creation that fosters justice, equality, dignity, beauty, collaborative power, epic love, and a thriving Earth.

Lara has facilitated diverse groups of youth and adults for 20 years through transformative and experiential education. She maintained a private women’s sexual wellness practice in Los Angeles for nine years. She is also known as an innovator in somatic (body-based) healing and learning and for creating powerfully engaging, alchemical group spaces.

Lara is the founder of The Artemis School for Women’s Sexual Sovereignty, offering training and certification for health practitioners and sex educators. She is currently pursuing a doctorate of education in organizational leadership.

Lara lives in Portland, Oregon, as an independent woman resourced through a constellation of life-enhancing relationships and the forest.

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Pleasure is your birthright. Reclaim it by delving into the full spectrum of your sexual and reproductive health: from arousal to climax, menstruation to menopause, and maiden to crone. Join somatic sexologist and yoga teacher Lara Catone and learn to stand in your power through science-based sex education and the mysticism of ancient women’s wisdom....