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Kimber Simpkins

Yoga teacher and body image advocate

Kimber Simpkins

Yoga teacher and body image advocate


Kimber Simpkins, a former civil rights lawyer, is a yoga teacher and the author of Full: How I Learned to Satisfy My Insatiable Hunger and Feed My Soul.

Sick of dieting, she had decided to get to the bottom of her hunger and her unhappy relationship with her body; the teachings of yoga and meditation showed her the way.

Kimber comes from a long line of lay preachers, teachers, singers, and healers. She blends these roles with the wisdom of Buddhist and Tantric philosophy and the insights of physics, psychology, and storytelling in her work. Kimber teaches weekly classes, Love Your Body workshops, and yoga retreats and is a devoted supporter of the Health At Every Size movement, welcoming students of all sizes and levels into her classes.

Her latest book, 52 Ways to Love Your Body, is full of simple practices to treat yourself with more love every day.

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