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Kevin Griffin

Leader in the mindful recovery movement

Kevin Griffin, cofounder of the Buddhist Recovery Network, is a leader in the mindful recovery movement and has been teaching meditation internationally in Buddhist centers, treatment centers, at professional conferences, and in academic settings for almost two decades.

Trained at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, where he now teaches, Griffin is the author of One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps, A Burning Desire: Dharma God & the Path of Recovery, and his latest book, Recovering Joy: A Mindful Life after Addiction.

He specializes in helping people in recovery connect with meditation and a progressive understanding of the Twelve Steps.

A longtime Buddhist practitioner, and a Twelve Step participant since 1985, Griffin has trained with leading Western vipassana teachers, including Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, and Ajahn Amaro. He also plays and writes music and is currently recording a CD of dharma-related rock songs.

He divides his time between writing, teaching, and family time with his wife and daughter.

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