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Kenny Woods

Foodie and culinary master of the Kitchen Table

Kenny is 1440’s executive chef and the creative mastermind behind Kitchen Table. Knife wielding, lemon squeezing, chiffonading, braising, blanching, seeping, searing, plating, and staying present are all within his (delicious) wheelhouse.

A native of Tuscon, Arizona, Kenny is big on jazz, meditation, and simple living. His favorite three-word phrase: mise en place—French for “everything in its place.” According to Kenny, “It’s just kind of a way to live your life—knowing what’s going on, staying in the moment. When you translate that to a kitchen, it’s success.”

Kenny offers cooking demonstrations in 1440’s Teaching Kitchen, allowing guests to delve into 1440’s inspired culinary creations, as well as cook and share a healthy, mouthwatering meal in collaboration with others.

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