Karla McLaren - 1440 Multiversity

Learn How to Hack Your Mind for Better Health, Apr 12–14


Karla McLaren, MEd

Healthcare researcher and empathy pioneer

Karla McLaren is an award-winning author, social science researcher, and empathy pioneer. Her lifelong work focuses on her grand unified theory of emotions, which revalues even the most “negative” emotions and opens startling new pathways into self-awareness, effective communication, and healthy empathy.

She is founder and CEO of Emotion Dynamics, LLC and the cocreator of the Healthy Empathy® training program for health and healing professionals.

Karla also developed the groundbreaking Six Essential Aspects of Empathy model that makes all of the processes in empathy easily understandable, accessible, and attainable. This fully realized model teaches people how to access, develop, and manage their empathy intentionally.

Karla is the author of The Art of Empathy: A Complete Guide to Life’s Most Essential Skill, The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings are Trying to Tell You, and the multi-media online course Emotional Flow: Becoming Fluent in the Language of Emotions.

She is also a Certified Human Resources Administrator and a Certified Career Testing and Guidance Facilitator. Her research interests include sociology, linguistic anthropology, neurodiversity, and disability rights. Karla is also a lifelong singer and a cappella harmony arranger.