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Justin Garcia, PhD

Professor and expert in human behavioral evolution and sexuality

Justin R. Garcia is Ruth N. Halls Associate Professor of Gender Studies and the associate director for research and education at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, Bloomington. Dr. Garcia holds a master’s degree in biomedical anthropology and a doctorate in evolutionary biology from Binghamton University.

His research interests focus on the evolutionary foundations of variation in monogamy, intimacy, and sexual behavior, with a particular emphasis on bio-cultural approaches to sex, gender, dating, and reproductive strategies.

He has published on a variety of topics related to romantic and sexual relationships, and is coauthor, with Peter Gray, of Evolution and Human Sexual Behavior (Harvard University Press) and co-editor of Evolution’s Empress: Darwinian Perspectives on the Nature of Women (Oxford University Press).

He has lent his expertise to a variety of industry partners, and has served as a scientific advisor to K-Y Brand, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and others. Dr. Garcia has appeared as an expert witness for the U.S. Department of Defense, and since 2010, he has been scientific advisor to the world’s largest online dating company, Match.com.