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Julie Roach

Yoga practitioner, instructor, and trainer

Julie Roach

Yoga practitioner, instructor, and trainer


Julie Roach is an experienced yoga practitioner, instructor, and trainer, and recognized as one of the early pioneers of SUP yoga, yoga on a stand-up paddle board. Her dedication throughout the past 15 years to yoga and SUP yoga has established her expertise in the field.

She founded H2YO SUP Yoga‰ in 2009, and it has become the most widely recognized brand of SUP yoga and fitness in the industry. Her primary series on the water‰—a modified platform of basic poses‰—showcases the safest and most efficient way to practice yoga on an unstable surface of the water and has been adopted most everywhere SUP yoga is practiced.

Julie is on the advisory panel of the American Canoe Association and the safety panel for the SUP Industry Association, and has been a presenter at the conference for the Personal Flotation Device Manufacturers Association. Sponsored internationally by BIC SUP, a sustainable and eco-friendly SUP manufacturer, Julie has been featured in or is a regular contributor to OUTSIDE Magazine, Samata, SUP Magazine, Standup Journal, and Yoga Journal.

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