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Judy Hinojosa, NMD

Board-certified naturopathic medical doctor

Dr. Judy Hinojosa is the founder of Vitality Natural Health Care, a state-of-the-art integrative wellness center in Tempe, Arizona. She has been practicing naturopathic medicine for the past 10 years and incorporates many holistic and integrative modalities of healing when working with her patients.

Dr. Hinojosa has received higher-level training in environmental medicine, intravenous therapies, natural hormone balancing, holistic nutrition, and energy medicine (homeopathy/Chinese medicine).

As a licensed general family practitioner, Dr. Hinojosa specializes in women’s health, chronic disease management, Lyme disease, whole-body detoxification, and autoimmune conditions. She effectively tailors her care and treatments to each patient, individually addressing all aspects of their health—physical, mental, and spiritual.

She is known for her compassionate, highly intuitive approach, and she understands the importance of guiding each patient on their own personal journey to achieving optimal wellness.

She is a sought-after expert speaker in her field, participating at events like Feel Good Summit and A-Fest on the topics of hormone balancing, environmental toxins, energy medicine, and spiritual health.

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