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Judith E. Glaser

Author and organizational anthropologist

Judith E. Glaser

Author and organizational anthropologist


Judith E. Glaser, best-selling author of seven business books, including Conversational Intelligence, is considered one of the most pioneering and innovative change agents, consultants, and executive coaches in the industry and is the world’s 
leading authority on Conversational Intelligence®, WE-centric leadership, and “neuro-innovation.”

Founder and CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc., and chairman of the Creating WE Institute, Judith has more than 30 years’ experience drawing on neuroscience and anthropology in working with CEOs and their teams to elevate levels of engagement, collaboration, and innovation to impact the bottom line.

She has received numerous prestigious awards, fellowships, and honors, including Woman of the Year in New York City, and since 2006 has been ranked among the top 10 consultants globally by Executive Excellence. Judith teaches at universities throughout the world and has been featured widely on television and in print media, including on CBS’s morning news and in the Wall Street Journal.

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October 20-22, 2017
Friday - Sunday, 2 nights

One of the single most important capacities of a great leader is the ability to connect with and inspire others. In this workshop,...